Static content generator
for developers

Who am I?

Static web page?

  • web began with HTML (static page), just 18 tags
  • delivered to the user exactly as stored
  • just a file...
  • cacheable (6x faster to load on avg.)
  • improved security, performance...
  • deployment is just copy/paste

Why not just write HTML/JS/CSS?

  • cumbersome
  • error-prone
  • repeated code
  • no variables, for loops for HTML
    (you could stitch it with JS..)
  • no templates


                        div#myId  // press TAB, then ENTER
ul.klasa>li*3>a{Item $}
  • very fast to code
  • refactor, change?
  • find and replace, regexes?
  • are you really confident to press Replace ALL? :D

Static site generators

To the rescue!

  • markdown for faster writing
  • templates of all sorts
  • variables, loops, if-s
  • abstractions (categories, tags, data)
  • plugins
  • build pipeline, deployment
  • git as database

Jekyll ISO 9001

(and why not?)

  • markdown
  • liquid templates
  • front matter (YAML/TOML/JSON metadata)
  • conventions like _posts, _layouts, _index.md etc.
  • complicated sectioning/grouping/templating
    (list-page, single-page, restrictions)
  • multiple concepts to learn (bundles, resources, shortcodes, snippets ...)

Liquid template engine


{{ product.title }}

{{ product.description }}

HTML open+close tag, if+endif, ugly...

Annoying include syntax, can't wrap content

Why Hepek?

  • objects are files
  • packages are folders
  • traits are templates
  • just Scala, autocomplete, compiler
  • relative paths are trivial
  • typesafe grid, code highlight, forms etc.
  • markdown, KaTeX (math), sitemap.xml
  • DIY abstractions, loops, anything you want
  • PDF rendering

object == file

                        object MyFile extends Renderable {
                          override def render: String = {
                            // arbitrary Scala code
                            "Some text..."

                          override def relPath: File = new File("my_file.txt")

Gets rendered to file: my_file.txt.

Everything else is built upon this!

package == folder

                        package site.pages

                        object MyPage extends ClassPackageRelativePath ...

Gets rendered to file: my-page.html.

URL-friendly filename. Default extension is "html"

trait == template

                        trait MySiteTemplate {
                          def footer: Frag = div("footer")
                        object MyPage extends MySiteTemplate {
                          override def footer = p(b("whatever"), "content...")

Simple, intuitive, reusable, tweakable...

Demo time!

That's all folks!